Spread32 2.0

SpreadCE has won the ZDNet PDA Software Award for best Windows CE Application
1.7  (7 votes)
2.03 (See all)

256 columns x 65536 rows x 32768 sheets
Unlimited open files
Supported operations: - * / ^ % &
327 worksheet functions (see below)
184 macro functions for custom functions and commands,array formulas
Undo, cut, copy, paste (all/formulas/values/formats/comments), fill (down/right/up/left/series), clear (all/formats/contents/comments)
Insert/delete cells, rows and columns
Hide/unhide rows and columns
Hide/show row and column headings
Find/replace text
Goto specified cell
Sort selected cells, rows, columns or whole sheet with multiple keys
Freeze panes
Sheet/column/row/cell formatting

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